The Astronomy of Love

by Rowan Lewis

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Sara Baumann
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Sara Baumann This is really sweet ; w ; All of it, absolutely amazing. Favorite track: Gravity.


A flash-EP. Recorded and produced (quickly touched up the tracks, did cover art, published online) in forty-five minutes.

For ownly-lownly, who inspired this, and Holly, who made me record it.


released March 14, 2014




Rowan Lewis UK

I'm Rowan, aged 20, and a student from the UK.
I specialise in clumsy rhythm and strange analogies.

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Track Name: Gravity
I’m alone, with a front row seat
For a simple view of the sky
I wish I could have seen what you’d mean to me
Not just another guy
You decelerate the terrified rate
of my beating heart.
And you will guide me to this place
before I fall apart.

I claw my way to the living
World of the wide awake
I fail at fighting tooth and nail
To save you from your sleeping fate
It rises from the pit of rest
A memory of tan
But you’re still here to open my eyes
As best as you can.

You ring and say you miss me
Your words becoming one
I need you more than vice versa, I’ll swear
down on every star until they’re gone.

You’re my best friend, I need you to trust me.
Without you, I couldn’t bear
Classes, and sickness, and parties, and quickness
In overcoming this nightmare
And no-one else in the whole cosmos
Could ever pull me in like you do,
Oh you will keep defending me
And I will fight for you.
Track Name: Orbit
Got a good class, studying science
Of the complex manner of stars,
Yet the notes and keys I've been taking down
Don't explain why you are in my arms
Somehow your breathing slows itself
Sad, erratic pace on pause
But I will always drag you back
From that nightmare world of yours.

You're a fighter, of that I am certain,
I'm better at protecting stuff
Whether secrets, people, or feelings,
It's never gonna be as rough -
As when you start a fit of violence
Justified, of course
I'll be around to yank you back
Through your desperate battle roar.

You think you are a problem,
But that's not true at all,
You're choking in your own head
And I can only watch as you fall.

You're my best friend, just know that I love you,
And I'm so glad that you exist
When I see your eyes in the dusk of our room
I know that stars have got nothing on this
There aren't rules, I can't stop you being angry
No unnecessary force,
But know I'll always lead you home
From that nightmare world of yours.