Rest Well

by Rowan Lewis



A flash EP for the ladies of Marble Hornets! They don't get enough love.
Spoiler-heavy. Make sure you're caught up before you listen!

Recorded and produced on 20/8/14.


released August 20, 2014

Music, lyrics, recording, and editing by Rowan Lewis.
EP cover art was designed by
Inspired by Marble Hornets, so a big thank you to Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, Tim Sutton, and co.! I really owe you one, or a hundred. You can support them at - please do!
Additional shout out to the "#marble hornets" tag on tumblr. Love you guys. <3




Rowan Lewis UK

I'm Rowan, aged 20, and a student from the UK.
I specialise in clumsy rhythm and strange analogies.

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Track Name: The Same Place
I didn’t think demons could get through that door
Thought I was protected by unbroken, holy law
But I don’t have faith now and I never did before
I don’t think I want to do this anymore.

I’ve been thrown on the waves, I’ve been crushed by weight of the sea
Until enduring the storms left me washed up on the beach
I am stuck in a shell and I don’t want to be
But it’s all that I have that can protect me.

And I would love to bring us back

It’s that door which leads to silently comforting speech
It’s what was left unsaid to someone I can never reach
It’s the shot in the dark which was aimed at my waist
It’s your skin-deep tattoo in the same place.
Track Name: [ar]change[l]
Summer out of school, together, planning a film and lying on the warm grass
of your lawn and laughing at the responses that you make
I feel wanted, for the first time in my life
It’s like you care.

Entire ream of paper circles us, a life of its own as it flutters
In the wind, holding notation of every thought we dream
And the sun, creates a halo as it
bounces off your hair.

You stand up stiffly and stretch your limbs
up to the cloudless sky with ease
Offer a pianist’s hand to me

“The lady next door has a weak heart,” you say
“That’s why we have to go inside”
I laugh at your comment, because it’s so like you
And I think I see your wings in the light
Kiss me in the shadow of the porch
It’s not like anybody else is watching
This is my heaven.

I don’t know if we’re official because you spend a lot of time
With your cast, but I’m sure we have a sort of thing
Going on, to me it feels like it’s celestial
But that’s probably a small scale to you.

You’ve been so irritable, and giving me less work
And I’m scared to ask you what I’ve done
I don’t think I’m your one.

Maybe it’s me with the weak heart, I bet
That’s why we always went inside
Your wings are curled back between smooth shoulder blades
Like you’ve got a secret to hide
Kiss me like it’s our last night on Earth
I want to feel wanted again
This should be my heaven.

Where are we going?
It’s dark
Why did you think I didn’t come to your apartment last month?

What’s going on with us?
Why did you take me down here--?
Track Name: Inconclusive
hi Amy, and Sarah
And anyone else that might have been connected to you
Because we know about Seth and Jay and the trail guy with the beard
But that might be not be a conclusive list

But let me get to the point
I’m sorry, is what I want to say
I’m sorry, that you were forced away
I’m formally apologising for the actions of one Alex Kralie

And I’m sorry we didn’t get to see you so much
Sorry that we overlooked you right at the start
Holding out some hope that you might return
And letting go when we realised that you’d already played your part.

Please rest well.
Track Name: Fuel
You’ve got your youth and your intuition
You’ve got a purposeful stride
Armed better than those who came before you
More than just an instinct to survive.

There were always clues, but you played completely clueless
Understood why no-one let you in
Twisting the handle to the path of the unforgiven
And destroying everything

Because Jessica’s got guts and she’s going to get truth out
It won’t be her if something’s got to give
Take the memories and sentiment to fuel you
It’s instinctive that you’re going to live.

Locke the door behind you, more efficient that way
Sorted in a year instead of five
Maths and tactics and logic is on your side
More than just an instinct to survive.

Because Jessica’s not curious, she definitely wants results
And it won’t be her if something’s got to give
Take the memories and sentiment to fuel you
It’s instinctive that you’re going to live.